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Home on the Mornin' Train

09 -10 Productions

Civic Youth Theatre Play

Two historically turbulent times, separated by 100 years and thousands of miles, are beautifully interwoven in this inspirational story of hope and connection.

The year is 1939, Berlin, Germany. Rifka and her little brother Aaron are sent into hiding with the Westemeiers, a rural German family, in the hopes of escaping Nazi persecution. While waiting for a boat that will take them to the safety of Denmark, Rifka reads from a book sent by relatives in America. It is a first-person account of a runaway teenage slave named Brave Mary who escaped an Alabama plantation in the 1830's. As Brave Mary's escape unfolds before them and they are introduced to the history of slavery in the United States, the Jewish children realize that those who long for freedom travel the same road.

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