Financial Aid : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Financial Aid

Through generous donations, the Academy of Theatre Arts offers FINANCIAL AID because finances should not stop a student from pursuing educational opportunities!

Must indicate need first and then we will look at student desire and merit.
Does not always fit perfectly into a chart. We allow for need to be described in narrative form as well.
Submitting a financial aid application will reserve a place for the student in their desired camp/class.
2 weeks prior to the first class date.
1 week prior to the first class date.
If an application is incomplete, it will not be looked at by the Financial Aid Committee. One application per student. If more than one student is applying per household, then two applications must be filled out (one per student.) No exceptions.

Please see below for specific requirements for applying for aid.


If an application is incomplete in any section, it will not be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee.
One application per student.
If more than one student is applying per household, then two applications must be filled out - one per student.

COMPLETED APPLICATIONS must be received by: 2 weeks prior to the first class date.

    • We are able to offer partial scholarships (not more than 85% of total cost).
    • If applying for both classes and camp for the same student, separate applications must be filled out for class(es) and camps due to their having different deadlines.
    • If applying for aid for more than one student per family, please submit one application per student. We cannot accept multiple students on the same application.
    • Students who never received aid before are considered before those who have been awarded in the past.
    • A space will be held for the student in their desired class/camp upon receipt of the financial aid application.
    • Once this online application is submitted, you will receive email confirmation from the Director of Education & Outreach within 72 hours.
    • Financial Aid is not guaranteed by this application. The Financial Aid Committee will review all applications and you will be notified of their decision by the Wednesday before the start of class/camp.

Student Information

If Student Is Under 18 Years Old

Financial Need Information

Living Wage Chart

Based on the chart above, is your income equal to or lower than the income listed for your household size?


Have you received financial aid from The Civic before?


Supplemental Questions

The student questions are to be answered and written by the student. If student is a minor and not of writing age, then answers must be dictated to a parent/guardian to write the answers for the student but it must be the student's own words. Please be as thorough as incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

First-Time Students

Returning Students

If Student is a Minor

Civic Expectations

As a potential financial aid recipient, you must meet the following expectations. This will ensure that you will be set up for success in class and that the Civic makes the best use out of its limited financial resources. In the case that the student is a minor, the parent/guardian must agree to the expectations as well.

  1. You will attend all classes for which you are registered. If you are unable to attend a session, you must call the Director of Education and Outreach at (269) 548-3035 prior to class starting to let us know of the absence.
  2. You will be on time for all classes, dressed appropriately and bring all materials needed for class.
  3. You will practice and prepare for each session according to the requirements of class.
  4. You will meet established deadlines for tuition bills not covered by scholarship.

Failure to meet the above expectations may result in the loss of aid and/or suspension of participation.

By submitting this form, you certify that you have provided current, accurate, and truthful information. You understand that if financial aid is awarded, you will be responsible for paying any tuition balance and applicable fees by the indicated deadlines.

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