Zombie Prom | Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Zombie Prom

2005 - 2006 Production


We're going to zap you back to the Eisenhower era for an electrifying good time at Enrico Fermi High School. The new kid in school, a thug named Jonny shows up in a leather jacket with no "h" in his name because that's how much of a rebel he is! He has a run-in with the school principal Miss Strict and falls for peppy, preppy Toffee, the most popular girl on campus. Sadly, their hallway romance is doomed. Despondent, Jonny hurls himself into the main waste treatment silo of the local nuclear plant. He returns glowing but determined to win the heart of his intended love in time to escort her to The Miracles of Molecules Prom, even though he is a walking corpse. With super-charged doses of high-octane energy, this girl-meets-ghoul musical explodes with exciting mutations of doo-wop, teenage ballads, rousing gospel and rock to release a radioactive feel-good glow upon the entire nuclear family.

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Photos courtesy of Fred Western.