The Miracle Worker | 2013-2014 Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

The Miracle Worker

2013-2014 production The Miracle Worker

American Classic

No one knows what Helen Keller's fate might have been had she not come under the tutelage of Annie Sullivan, an Irish girl, whose sight had been severely damaged as a young child. Trapped in a secret, silent world, unable to communicate, Helen is violent, spoiled, almost sub-human and is treated by her family as such. Only Annie realizes that there is a mind and spirit waiting to be rescued from the dark, tortured silence. Her success with Helen comes only after some of the most emotion-packed scenes ever presented on the stage.

"...absorbing and moving"
- The New York Post

We have prepared a study guide, which will enhance your theatre going experience and provide valuable insight into this production.


Photos courtesy of Fred Western