The Land of the Dragon | Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

The Land of the Dragon

2005 - 2006 Production

Type of Show

In this stylized Chinese play, a scheming aunt and her chancellor keep the lovely Princess Jade Pure prisoner in her own castle in order to steal the throne. Road Wanderer, a minstrel, passing through the country with his pet dragon, learns of her plight and rescues her, only to be rewarded with contempt. He soon comes to see Jade Pure as thoughtless and unkind and leaves her behind. Realizing her mistake and knowing she must marry soon in order to become Empress, Jade Pure tries to find him. She decrees that only someone with a pet dragon may court her. Jade Pure's Aunt has Road Wanderer imprisoned so she can steal his dragon. Still others create false dragons, all so they can win the throne. Will Jade Pure see through all this deception? Will Road Wanderer escape from captivity in time to save Jade Pure, his dragon, and the throne of the Southern Kingdom? This delightful, ancient Chinese tale is sure to intrigue young audiences.

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Photos courtesy of Fred Western.