The Foreigner | Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

The Foreigner

2005 - 2006 Production


You'll laugh out loud at this farcical tale of a lovable but socially inept Brit who escapes his stressful life by booking a holiday in backwoods USA. He desperately tries to avoid the local yokels by posing as a foreigner who doesn't understand a word of English. But his plan hysterically backfires when he becomes the perfect person with whom everyone shares his or her deepest secrets and schemes. Hilarious intrigue ensues as Charlie finds himself an unwitting witness to bizarre schemes and diabolical plots hatched up by people who think he can't understand a word they say. Complete with mistaken identities, surprising plot twists, evil villains, and innocent damsels, The Foreigner is a fun-filled evening at the theatre.

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