The Baker's Wife | Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

The Baker's Wife

08 - 09 Production


Old world charm permeates every moment of this bittersweet, wise and gently romantic fable of life and love in southern France. The bickering residents of a small Provencal town at last find peace and contentment in the heavenly bread of the newly arrived baker and his attractive young wife. But when she is lured away by the attentions of a handsome young gigolo, the middle-aged baker is heartbroken and loses all zest for life and baking, throwing the community into chaos. If you're looking for a musical that is warm, mature, intelligent and melodic, you're sure to enjoy The Baker's Wife. But be warned, you should only see it if you're prepared to fall in love. (Adult Themes)

"This is a musical that makes you want
to hold on to your loved one."


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