Spring Break 2021 : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

In Person Spring Break Day Camps


Monster Mash Camp (In Person)
Grades: Kindergarten-2nd Grade
Time: 9:30-4:00
Cost: $250

Campers will use a variety of fun-filled monster themed children s literature to transform themselves and their environment as they explore acting and movement skills, create monster themed objects and decorations and work together to create a monstrous presentation to share with parents at the end of the week. We have active breaks and daily theatre adventures built in to ensure our youngest performers have the schedule variety they need to be silly and get their wiggles out while learning new things and having FUN! Weather permitting, some lessons may be held outside.

How NOT to do your Homework (In Person)
Grades: 3rd-5th
Time: 9:15-4:15
Cost: $250

Campers will spend the mornings with targeted acting and movement lessons. After lunch they will work with a member of our technical staff as they explore the world of theatre crafts. The rest of the afternoon, students will apply their new skills as they rehearse: How Not To Do Your Homework! This is a zany script in which the character hope to find a simple instruction manual in the art of avoiding homework. The result could change their lives! (Or land them in a heap of trouble.)

Creature Features - Camp (In Person)
Grades: 6th-10th
Time: 9:00-4:30
Cost: $250

Are you ready to stand up and celebrate who you are and all of your wonderful uniqueness? Built around the script, Creature Features, Modern Day Mutants - participants will study comedic timing, physicality as communication and explore the uniqueness of all. This production features the Originals - who work together to try to create a united front against conformity and the idea that everyone should be the same. Acting, dancing and working together in a collaborative community will be the theme of the week!

Early Drop Off: Available as early as 8:00 AM
Cost: $5.00/Day or $15/Week

Late Pick Up: Available until 6:00 PM
Cost: $5.00/Day or $15/Week