Rock of Ages | 2017-2018 Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Rock of Ages

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Leave the kids at home and relive the eighties with the loudest, proudest show of the season! It's the tail end of the big bad 1980's in Hollywood where the party has been raging hard. Aqua Net, Lycra, lace, and liquor flow freely at one of the Sunset Strip's legendary venues, a place where heartthrob Stacee Jaxx takes the stage and eager groupies line up to turn their fantasies into reality. Amid the madness, aspiring rock star Drew longs to take the stage as the next mega-star, but his rock and roll dreams are about to end when German developers sweep into town with plans to turn the fabled Strip into just another strip mall! Can Drew and his gang save the Strip before it s too late? Rock of Ages takes you back to the time of big bands, with big egos, playing big guitar solos. A Broadway musical featuring hits from Journey, Bon Jovi, Poison, Styx, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister and others, Rock of Ages has it all.
Disclaimer: This is best enjoyed by teens & adults.

"As the show opens with blinding lights, shredding guitars and hammer-handed drumming, even nonbelievers may start inhaling the Aqua Net and embracing their inner rocker."
- Variety

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