Radiation: A Month of Sun-Days | 2017-2018 Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Radiation: A Month of Sun-Days

17-18 Radiation prod art v2

Carver Center Studio Series Drama

AN EXCITING NEW PROGRAM! The Carver Center Studio Series allows the Civic to expand upon its mission to produce a diverse spectrum of theatre of the highest quality. This series was designed to develop new, innovative, and emotionally compelling works within an intentionally intimate space in hopes of fostering a more thoughtful, empathetic and connected community.

The Civic is proud to be collaborating with the West Michigan Cancer Center to present this original work by local playwrights Deborah Ann Percy and Arnold Johnston. This hour-long one-act dramatizes the experience of Barb Brunetti, a woman going through a five-day per week 33-day radiation protocol for breast cancer, and other women she encounters during that time. Almost all of the play takes place in the small room where women wait their turn for radiation treatment. Because the breast is not a vital organ or located in a difficult place to radiate, Barb's treatment may not be as painful or as harrowing as it is for some of the other patients in the waiting room, but it's still scary. During the 33 days covered by the play, the audience encounters both the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of these women's lives, and sees the grace, courage, and humor with which they face cancer's insidious challenge.

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