No Way Out | 2017-2018 Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

No Way Out

17-18 No Way Out prod art

Carver Center Studio Series Drama

AN EXCITING NEW PROGRAM! The Carver Center Studio Series allows the Civic to expand upon its mission to produce a diverse spectrum of theatre of the highest quality. This series was designed to develop new, innovative, and emotionally compelling works within an intentionally intimate space in hopes of fostering a more thoughtful, empathetic and connected community.

No Way Out is the true story of the author's family which was geographically torn apart during World War II, where their only means of communicating with each other was through their letters. About 500 letters were later found and translated, chronicling the events taking place in Germany starting in the summer of 1938. No Way Out explores the family's struggle to survive the anti-Jewish laws and measures in Nazi Germany, while at the same time struggling to find legal ways to emigrate out of their homeland, which quickly becomes more and more oppressive. The play portrays the family's attempt to understand their circumstances amidst deception, confusion, and decisions made on very little information. Told through the reading of a collection of the letters, along with images projected onstage, No Way Out is a haunting reminder of our past and is not to be missed.

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Photos Courtesy of Tanisha L. Pyron