Love Loss And What I Wore | 2018-2019 Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Love, Loss, And What I Wore

18-19 Love Loss and What I Wore prod art

Carver Center Studio Drama

The Carver Center Studio Series allows the Civic to expand upon its mission to produce a diverse spectrum of theatre of the highest quality by developing new, innovative, and emotionally compelling works in an intentionally intimate space, fostering a more thoughtful, empathetic and connected community.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore has become an international hit! This intimate collection of stories uses clothing and accessories and the memories they trigger to tell funny and often poignant stories to which all women can relate. Like a long heart-to-heart with your best friend, the conversation wanders and reminisces through a bittersweet story of a stepmother wearing the same style bathrobe as her husband's late wife, to the dismay of the children, to a couple's musings of what they wore to their wedding, to a rant about hating to carry a purse! Along with odes to black clothing, cowboy boots, buying bras and outfits that make mothers cringe, Love, Loss, and What I Wore proves that a great show is always in fashion.


"...Funny, compelling...Brought down the house..."
- The New York Times