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Merinda Edwards

18 Merinda Edwards


Merinda is currently a student at Western Michigan University studying social work. She was most recently the stage manager for the Civic's production of Romance Guaranteed in 2020. She has volunteered for various roles at the Civic including floor crew, props, dressers and even assistant stage managing for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Elf the Musical. In her free time, Merinda enjoys spending time with her friends, going to WMU hockey games, and exploring Kalamazoo and its surround areas.

"Working a show during a pandemic was never something I thought would happen, but here we are. A special thanks to the Kalamazoo Civic Theater for allowing us to continue with this fabulous art form, and continuing to make sure our safety comes first. Thank you to my friends who listen to me talk on and on about the Civic, but don't judge me for it."