Class Reunion | Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

Class Reunion

2004 - 2005 Production

An Interactive Special Event

There was the guy who cleaned the chalkboards and the kid who pushed the AV cart. And the beautiful cheerleader and that mean, old Mrs. what's-her-name that taught English. What ever happened to them? You probably haven't thought about any of them in years. Well, it's time to dust off your yearbook and get ready for a 'blast from the past' as you catch up with the old gang. This fun-filled interactive evening is sure to provide lots of laughs, and a heaping helping of nostalgia courtesy of the cafeteria lady! If you liked Tony N' Tina's Wedding, you're going to love Class Reunion!

An original script, Class Reunion, was penned by Tucker Rafferty, who will also direct, and Steven Carlton Smith, who will perform in the production.


Photos courtesy of Fred Western