An Empty Plate in the Cafe Du Grand Boeuf | Productions : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

An Empty Plate in the Cafe Du Grand Boeuf

2004 - 2005 Production


No menu necessary at the world's greatest restaurant, the Caf du Grand Boeuf in Paris. Why? "Because we have everything," head-waiter, Claude admonishes waiter-in-training Antoine. On this hot July night in 1961, the two join waitress Mimi and chef Gaston in awaiting the imminent arrival of Victor, the Caf 's owner and sole patron. But when "Monsieur" returns from the bullfights in Madrid, his wish is simple: to die of starvation at his own table. The frantic staff, whose very lives depend on Victor's appetite, try all means to change his mind, but to no avail. Finally, they make a last-ditch plea...out of respect for their life's work, will he let them prepare one final meal-provided they leave it in the kitchen? Instead they will describe it, course by course, over a series of empty platters. Victor reluctantly consents, and the "feast of adjectives and adverbs" begin.


Photos courtesy of Fred Western