Productions | 2008-2009 : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

2008-2009 Season

Take a look back at the productions from our 80th season. There were 15 total productions offered between September 2008 and May 2009. To view production details simply click on the show logo.

08 - 09 Production

September 19 - October 5

Winner of nine Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize, this landmark musical has electrified audiences around the world. In an empty theatre, on a bare stage, casting for a new Broadway musical is almost complete.

08 - 09 Production

October 3 - October 18

Cyrano! His wit is as sharp as his sword, the enormity of his talent, intellect, and passion are matched only by the enormity of his, well, nose. When he falls for the beautiful, strong-willed Roxane, he is too ashamed of his large nose to share his feelings.

08 - 09 Production

October 24 - October 26

Grab your poodle skirts and penny loafers and get ready for a trip back in time as our seniors celebrate the fabulous '50s. It was a decade of innocence, a time when Republicans liked Ike

08 - 09 Production

November 7 - November 15

Two countries. Two cultures. Two languages. Is this too much for a young girl to overcome? Esperanza might have thought so but, put to the test, she proves to be stronger and more resourceful than she would ever dream.

08 - 09 Production

November 21 - December 13

Everybody's favorite candy man is coming to the Civic just in time for the holidays. This confectioner's delight is a brand-new stage adaptation of the magical film that has entertained children of all ages for over 30 years.

2008-2009 productions Deathtrap

January 16 - January 31

Homicide and humor play a deadly game of cat and mouse in this wickedly funny "who'll-do-it". Sidney Bruhl, once a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, hasn't had a hit in nearly two decades.

08 - 09 Production

January 30 - February 15

Old world charm permeates every moment of this bittersweet, wise and gently romantic fable of life and love in southern France. The bickering residents of a small Provencal town at last find peace and contentment in the heavenly bread

08 - 09 Production

February 13 - February 28

Who says romance can't be funny? May and Brian quit their high-paying jobs and purchased a rural bed & breakfast in an attempt to restore their troubled marriage.

08 - 09 Production

February 27 - March 14

As compelling as today's headlines, this Pulitzer Prize winning play is set in a Catholic school in the Bronx in 1964. Sister Aloysius, the strong-minded school principal, takes matters into her own hands

08 - 09 Production

March 20 - March 29

School's out for summer, and the East High Wildcats are ready to kick back and have the time of their lives. If they can land decent summer jobs, all will be right with the world.

08 - 09 Production

March 27 - April 11

This beautifully written play offers unforgettable insight into class and race relations as seen through the eyes of Esther, a gifted African-American seamstress living in Manhattan at the turn of the 20th century.

08 - 09 Production

April 10 - April 25

It's often said that there's a broken heart for every light on Broadway. Modeled on the actual Rehearsal Club in Manhattan, this fast paced American classic traces the hopes, dreams and disappointments of aspiring actresses living in the Footlights Club,

08 - 09 Production

April 24 - April 26

This warm-hearted comedy revolves around Mrs. Ethel Savage, a slightly eccentric widow who has been left ten million dollars by her late husband. She wants to use the money to establish a fund which would help others realize their hopes and dreams,

08 - 09 Production

April 24 - May 2

Life is very hard for poor James Henry Trotter until one day he meets an old man who gives him a mysterious bag filled with the most marvelous magic ever! When James accidentally spills the magic crystals onto the ground near an old peach tree,

08 - 09 Production

May 15 - May 31

Based on the Academy Award-nominated film of the same name, this hit Broadway musical is the raucous and heartfelt story of six unemployed steelworkers who come up with a bold way to make some quick cash.