Productions | 2003-2004 : The Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

2003-2004 Season

Take a look back at the productions from our 75th season. There were 16 total productions offered between June 2003 and June 2004 including three special events. To view production details simply click on the show logo.

2003-2004 productions Tony N Tina's Wedding

June 6 - June 28

The bickering, hysterically dysfunctional Nunzio and Vitale families are brought together once again as Tony and Tina exchange their wedding vows.

2003 - 2004 productions

September 19 - October 4

Celebrate the life, and music of a rock n roll legend as we open our 75th season with Buddy, the Buddy Holly Story. From his humble beginnings in Lubbock, Texas to his final concert in Clear Lake, Iowa Buddy s life, and spectacular career are recreated

2003 - 2004 productions

October 10 - October 25

All the rules are about to be broken as Randall P. McMurphy, a boisterous, brawling, fun-loving rebel swaggers into the ward of a mental hospital and takes over. The life-loving McMurphy rallies the other mental ward patients around him

2003 - 2004 productions

October 22 - October 26

Children of all ages will want to join Alice as she takes a tumble down an enchanted rabbit hole and lands in an upside down world where excitement and fun go hand-in-hand with adventure and friendship.

2003 - 2004 productions

November 19 - December 19

Just think lovely, wonderful thoughts and before you know it, you too will be flying over the moon with Peter, Wendy, Michael and John. This timeless tale of the boy who won't grow up has enchanted children of all ages for nearly 100 years.

2003 - 2004 productions

November 21 - December 6

One of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies, this classic work focuses on the wild and headstrong Katherine, who must have a husband before her father Baptista will allow her younger sister Bianca to wed.

2003 - 2004 productions

January 9 - January 24

You won't want to miss any of the fun as Jim Bob Carver and Bubba Ben Zylman reunite for a return visit to Tuna, Texas, the third smallest city in the Lone Star state. Together, these two actors will portray 20 of the fine,

2003 - 2004 productions

January 16 - January 31

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd-this macabre musical thriller is based on the legend of a half-mad 19th century English barber. Driven to crime and unjustly imprisoned when his wife and child are taken from him, Sweeney Todd eventually escapes and vows to bring justice

2003 - 2004 productions

February 13 - February 28

This brilliantly witty farce follows the on and off stage antics of a touring theatrical company as they fumble from dress rehearsal to the disastrous final performance of a sex comedy called Nothing On.

2003 - 2004 productions

February 20 - March 6

Set in Chicago's South Side during the 1950s, this powerful drama focuses on the dreams and conflicts found within three generations of the Younger family. Mama dreams of moving to a decent home,

2003 - 2004 productions

March 19 - March 28

Wait an Oompa Loompa minute...what's going on here? Willy Wonka's up to something wickedly delicious, that's what. Join Charlie and the other Golden Ticket holders on a most off-the-wall tour of the world's greatest chocolate factory.

2003 - 2004 productions

March 19 - April 4

You'll be 'whistling a happy tune' as we present one of the best-loved Broadway musicals of all time. Set against a dazzling and exotic backdrop, this majestic, richly textured and ultimately uplifting tale

2003 - 2004 productions

April 16 - April 17

Many aspiring actors and actresses have graced the Civic stage on their way to national recognition. Civic alumnae have gone on to work in opera, television and films as well as on national tours and Broadway. In celebration of our 75th Anniversary, some of your favorite performers

2003 - 2004 productions

April 23 - May 1

George Gershwin lives! We are very pleased to present, in collaboration with the 2004 Gilmore Keyboard Festival, the sensational Broadway production of George GershwinŽ Alone. Direct from his record-breaking appearances

2003 - 2004 productions

May 7 - May 16

What defines a family? That is the underlying question in the life of Pony Boy Curtis. When his parents die in a car accident, he comes to depend on the love, friendship and support of his two older brothers and a gang of friends

2003 - 2004 productions

May 14 - June 5

The world's greatest love story takes to the streets in this exhilarating, landmark musical. New York City provides the backdrop for this updated telling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, as two young, idealistic lovers find themselves torn apart by warring street gangs.